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Passive shift a boon for transition management
In this P&I article, Steve Glass comments on the recent climate of transition management industry.

Institutions at odds with retail over SEC’s Order Protection Rule
Steve Glass comments on Rule 611and HFT in this article.

Transaction Cost Analysis
Opportunities Within and Across Asset Classes

Greenwich Associates references Zeno in this report.

TEXPERS Fall 2016 Pension Observer
Steven Glass’ article, “The $250 Econ 101 Textbook” and other Soft-dollar concerns for asset owners, is featured in the TEXPERS Pension Observer’s Fall 2016 edition.

MiFID II research rules to add fiduciary layer for asset owners
Onus will be on plan sponsors to approve disclosed charges

P&I’s article discusses the new fiduciary responsibility plan sponsors are facing involving soft dollars and commission unbundling, following the European Commission finalizing the MiFID II directive. Steve Glass is quoted discussing the implications these regulations will have, and the additional fiduciary risk to asset owners.

When the Dust Settles
Has transition management finally laid the ghosts of scandles past to rest?

The cleanup from the transition scandal which unfolded over the past several years appears to be progressing. This article discusses the status of the transition management industry now that the dust is finally settling. Steve Glass, Zeno’s President & CEO, is quoted throughout this article.

Commission unbundling: a new fiduciary responsibility for asset owners. Are you ready??
This is the featured article in the Mid Year 2016 Zeno Newsletter. The article provides an update on the new directive by the European Union governing the ways that investment managers can purchase research with their clients’ commission dollars. It is intended to both alert asset owners of this new fiduciary responsibility and offer guidance on how to structure new oversight programs that prudently discharge those responsibilities.